International Portfolio Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of our first International Portfolio Contest. We’re thrilled that this upcoming magazine will feature work from such a diverse and interesting range of artists working from nearly every corner of the world.

Please enjoy the work by the following artists:

Yunyun Ma – Luoyang, China

Fiorentina Giannotta – Dipignano, Italy

Reha Shishodia – Mumbai, India

Nataliya Scheib – Houston, TX

Jennifer Bruget – Angeot, France

June Korea – Astoria, NY

Hamid Iravani – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Carlos Acostaneyra – Miami, FL

Anne Parker – Sullivans Island, SC

Marie Josee Bergeron – Laval, Canada

Yan Fong – Hong Kong

Stewart Stephenson – Vancouver, Canada

Andre Mulas – Surabaya, Indonesia

Chrys Roboras – Paros, Greece

Carlos Grasso – Ojai, CA

Hildy Maze– East Hampton, NY

Maria Teresa Miro Martin – Pullman, WA

Monika Szynkielewska. – London, UK

Jeff Wilson- Vancouver, Canada

Richard Starbuck – London, UK

Takanori Kurokawa – Nagano, Japan

If you are interested in any of the work featured in our magazine, please contact the artist directly.

For a chance to be featured in next year’s international issue, visit or

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