Art by Taiyo Okamoto: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Taiyo Okamoto

I have a growing sense of urgency that old ideas, a particular system and religion have ruled the world for far too long. We are constantly pressed by what is available or enforced from the outside. The human spirit is restricted by the world that humans have made. To create my art, I tear by hand individual pieces of origami and mulberry paper, and arrange them on canvas to create a mosaic or chigiri-e effect. Something begins to happen as each individual piece transforms into a collective harmony. Spirituality, transformation and flow are senses born deep inside us. I wonder if transformation is what we desire in the bottom of our hearts. Washi (mulberry paper) was recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage; through my work I also hope that people can feel the skill it takes the craftsmen of Japan to create this unique paper.

Title Vinicius Medium Mulberry Paper, Origami Paper and Gold and Silver Leaf on Canvas Size 24 x 36 inch
Title Metamorphosis Medium Mulberry Paper and Origami Paper on Watercolor Paper Size 16 x 20 inch
Title Brontis Medium Mulberry Paper and Origami Paper on Canvas Size 22 x 28 inch