Catherine Blyth: Anniversary Art Exhibit

My most recent work explores, through abstract painting, time as it is defined by a life lived. Creating, digging, exploring, searching – excavating – time past, time present and time remaining. My abstract work evolves through a process that is an intuitive interaction between composition and the application and excavation of color and an excavation and building of layers upon layers of composition and color. The remainders of what is left behind building the texture of what is becoming.
There is no narrative, no explanation, no direct references. Any conscious attempt at narrative disrupts the intuition and the process comes to a halt. I cannot know where I am going when I start but must trust myself to get to the end. The painting is lifeless until all of a sudden it is not. I remain in tension until released.


Title Intersections Medium oil on canvas Size 48×40 (triptych)
Title Screen Door Medium Oil on gauze and paper Size 30×24
Title Dai-doro Medium oil on paper Size 30×24
Title Monoliths Medium Oil on paper Size 30×24



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