Title: Octopus #4 Medium: acrylic Size: 20"x20"

Shellie Thies – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Shellie Thies was born and raised in Neptune Beach, Florida. She discovered her love of art at an early age and has been painting for more than 10 years. She matriculated at the School of Visual Arts in New York and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003 from the University of North Florida. Though she enjoys working with a variety of media and subjects, Shellie’s primary artistic focus is abstract acrylics. Her work has been featured in multiple local art shows, and she is currently continuing to work on an abstract series. She works out of her studio, located at The Union in downtown Jacksonville Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, going on adventures, and reading leather-bound books.

Title:Octopus #4 Medium:	acrylic Size:	20"x20"
Title: Octopus #4
Medium: acrylic
Size: 20″x20″
Title:Forgotten Memory Medium:	acrylic Size:	40"x30"
Title: Forgotten Memory
Medium: acrylic
Size: 40″x30″
Title:Goldfish Medium:	acrylic Size:	16"x16"
Title: Goldfish
Medium: acrylic
Size: 16″x16″
Title:Elements: movement Medium:	acrylic Size:	36"x60"
Title: Elements: movement
Medium: acrylic
Size: 36″x60″

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