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This work explores my deep relationship with place, specifically the forested areas of Western, MA. The connection is not purely visual, as within these woods I uncover reflections of my life and the human condition in general.

I often have no idea what draws me to work from a particular image until I have worked from it several times. Once the “why” becomes clear, I dig in and go after the magic that lies below the surface. The visual connection to my original source material becomes lost in the translation as the image departs from the visual and delves into all of the senses. I am not interested in conveying a specific moment in time or place, but rather the essence of what makes that place magical. In the searching, trees become metaphors for relationships, the joy of living, conflicts and the beauty of friendships, a reflection of my life and of the lives of others that I encounter.

Title:Jeweled Pond Medium:	pastel Size:	12" x 30"
Title: Jeweled Pond
Medium: pastel
Size: 12″ x 30″
Title:Blue Reverie Medium:	pastel Size:	30" x 12"
Title: Blue Reverie
Medium: pastel
Size: 30″ x 12″
Title:Forest Medley Medium:	pastel Size:	19" x 19"
Title: Forest Medley
Medium: pastel
Size: 19″ x 19″
Title:Expansion Medium:	pastel Size:	12" x 30"
Title: Expansion
Medium: pastel
Size: 12″ x 30″

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  1. I like your work. I lived in western Mass for many years, from Sunderland and Amherst way to Northampton and eventually Cummington. I still have friends out your way. Your art brings me back there. Thanks for making me smile today.

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