Honorable Mentions – Q2 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine is pleased to announce the Honorable Mentions from our 2017 Q2 Art Competition.

All Honorable Mentions will receive a 2 page spread in issue 31 of Artist Portfolio Magazine.

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who participated in our 2017 Q2 Art Competition.

Not listed in any particular order.

Lisa Taylor – Yummm…

Patrick Santoni – Lost in Paradise, Last

Randall Stoner – Steam Age Gunslinger

Shana Iverson – Home

Thomas Acevedo – The Protege

Marie Poirier – Spem, La Résignation

Agnieszka Glowacka – Crepuscular Zeal

Deandre Norman – Exodus Love Soul

Joshua Gogarty – Bootleggar

Barbara Martin – Kick It Up

Jonah Welch – Horses & Centaurs

Hannah Williams – George Michael

Emily Thompson – Jiffy Car Wash

Gene Jimenez – Masai

Shi Ting Han – Dusk

Michael Ballesteros – Chinatown – Hop Louise

Michale Goldman – Urban Pictograms – Street Signs

Wei Feng – Impression of Rhythm 2

June Kim – Intersection

Ryan Waldman – Dogfight

Michael Jicha – Oshun ( african goddess of wealth)

Kathy Morton Stanion – Horse Spirit

Sara Hupas – SOURCE

Leon Robertson – “Fly Like Paper In the Wind”, Andiamo the Milanese Cockatoo for the Junkyard Birds

Isabella Hamburger – Sans Titre 4

William Francis Brennan – On the Jetty

James Bush – Weary Rabbit

Gayla Worrell – Point Reyes Shipwreck

Jim Haller – Just Some Lady

Masahiro Ito – Fluctuation World – a1.80 – #1

Stephen Mangum – Lady Fillmore

Debbie Horton  – Warrior Spirit

Minhee Kang – 12 Memoirs

Dale Lewis – Out Of Africa

Tatjana Blinja – Jophiel

Adam Chaplin – Cygnets

Barbara Lawrence – Horses in Vineyard

Konstantine Angelopoulos – RFK West

Kelley Sullivan – Tenterhooks

Vivian Antonini – Fauve I

Emily Halpern – Neurotic Excoriations

Deborah Griebel – Pisces

DM Davis – Greetings

Magdéleine Ferru – Glacier Art.Hands

Cory Still – Shaken, Not Stirred

Marlene Rye – Forest Medley

Erika Pochybova – Healing Hands

Brooke Borcherding – Sixth and Pike

Ulrike Scheuchl – Traffic Stop

Keri Joy Colestock Stop In The Name Of Love

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