Featured Artist – Devon Lovett


Devon Lovett – Augusta, GA

My name is Devin Lovett. I have been practicing art for almost two years (2017).My art style can be described as Expressionistic.My style involves using dark colors to enhance the lighter skin tones. I belive that the contrast between warmer and cooler tones can be used to create mood and depth in any piece. My aspiration is to perfect a style that takes the detail of classic baroque, and apply that to a more abstract expressionistic background. My inspiration comes from Modern contemporary artist like Jeremy Mann. Baroque style painters like Roberto Ferri.

Lavender Medium acrylic Size 24x36 inch
Lavender – acrylic – 24×36 inch
Tigers Eye Medium acrylic Size 24x36 inch
Tigers Eye – acrylic – 24×36 inch
Malachite Medium acrylic Size 24x36 inch
Malachite – acrylic – 24×36 inch
Tourmaline Medium acrylic Size 24x36 inch
Tourmaline – acrylic – 24×36 inch