Featured Artist – Anne Feller

Featured Artist Anne Feller – Boulder, CO Instagram My artwork is the meeting point between individuality and human connection weaved together in a compilation of weighted eyebags, deep wrinkles, and naturals creases of the human body. With intention in each line stroke, I create vibrant movement layered upon layer, compiled into faces and form. Even […]

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Featured Artist – Atom Hovhanesyan

Featured Artist Atom Hovhanesyan – Rego park, NY Instagram NY based artist since 2009, working primarily in oil and ink. Studied at the Art Students League, National Academy of NY and Grand Central Academy. Traditional choice of materials and medium, grind my own colors. In the abstract works: my goal is to create a unified […]

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Featured Artists – Frank Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Sastre

Featured Artists Frank Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Sastre – Pontevedra, Spain Instagram Our artistic creation with the two hands Franck Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Two souls who had much in common come together in their passion for painting. In the desire to go beyond the established with desire to investigate what happens in the mix […]

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Featured Artist – Adriana Calichio

Adriana Calichio is a Fine Art Painter living and working in Southern California with over 40 years of experience.
She graduated from Pompeya’s Art Academy in Rosario, Argentina at age 12.Her inspiration to become a professional artist was Oscar-Claude Monet’s paintings.Her medium of choice is oil and her work includes different brush techniques which allows her the precision to render true to life expression and detail of people. On November 24th, 2018 she was Featured on Artsy Shark Instagram Monthly Art Project. January 5th, 2019 she won the All Women Art Exhibition Special Recognition for Excellence in Art from Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. On January 9th, she presented a solo Art exhibition for the Associated Artists of The Inland Empire, she was also Finalist for Fusion.Art, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Art Room Gallery Online and J. Mane Gallery and her art work was also recognized on Envision Art Gallery social media.
On February 14th, 2019 Adriana Calichio was Featured Artist for Camelback Gallery.
She sees her Art work as a showcase of passion and desire to paint, to share her creations and leave a lasting impression to those who view them.

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Featured Artist – Pearl Mintzer

Dramatic Color and whimsy are the signature of my work. Vibrant colors that jump off the canvas.
Images that encourage positive feelings.

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Featured Artist – Maria Ivanova

I create “photos from different worlds” as I call them, and animated films. In my works I use photos, textures and paint a lot of fur and hair. Characters in my works don’t have names, and they are not animals, nor are they humans. They are what they are – different type of species from faraway. Every “photo” is provided with a very short story, sometimes just few words. It’s like as if you are walking down the street and some people are passing by, and for a brief moment you heard scraps of conversations and thoughts… the next moment they are gone. I love this feel of mystery and that something is left untold. I think there is a lot of freedom in open endings.
Sometimes when everyhting in life becomes overwhelming, I seek retreat, I seek shelter within myself. It is then, when it opens – a door, or a window… and I can catch a glimpse of something not connected to daily troubles. Some light, some shadows, something otherworldly. And if in that moment I am sensitive enough, these light and shadows can leave traces, they can transform, like in photography, into visual form, into images, into frozen moments of someone’s live and untold stories.

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Featured Artist – Maidy Morhous

An accomplished printmaker, painter, as well as sculptor, Maidy Morhous was born in New York. She currently creates out of her studio thirty minutes north of San Diego, California.

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Featured Artist – Brandon Grace

Featured Artist Brandon Grace – Hamburg, NY Instagram

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Featured Artist – Nandan Sam He

Featured Artist Nandan Sam He – New York, NY Instagram Nandan Sam He(GuangDong, 1991) is a Multimedia Artist now lives and works in NYC. My works are fragments of a recovering voyage towards my odd phantasm and nihilistic belongingness. My generation grew up in a perception that reality is the most surreal thing. When everything […]

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Featured Artist – Lexicon Love

Featured Artist Lexicon Love – Sydney, Australia Instagram Australian born and bred, I am a self-taught collage artist who works under the name Lexicon Love. I love collage art essentially because I enjoy the process. I am less preoccupied with the end result. I am drawn to the surreal and unsettling and try to inject […]

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Featured Artist – Isabelle Miltioux

Featured Artist Islabelle Miltioux – Rigaud, Québec, Canada Instagram I paint my personal universe which has inhabited my soul since the dawn of time. My creations manifest themselves mainly through the inspiration that I derive from music which harmoniously unleashes and defines my imagination. My heart is a planet from which my familiar ideas come to […]

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Featured Artist – Jimmy Gockel

Inspired by Andy Warhol and Peter Max, I have been drawn to the 1960s psychedelic era of pop art with all it’s bold and bright colors, which I often use in my paintings.

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