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Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 37 Is Here!

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Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artists Selected for Dec Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine

Select Artists Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Artist Portfolio Magazine is pleased to announce our 20 Artists selected for our Nov/Dec Issue. Issue 37 will be released the first week of December. After working through over 2132 works of art submitted to our Nov/Dec Issue we have selected 20 Artists to represent Artist […]Read Post ›

Title Elevate Medium Oil on canvas Size 47x47

Featured Artist – Alicia Armstrong

Featured Artist Alicia Armstrong – Asheville, NC Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Alicia Armstrong Chatham’s new body of work represents an adventurous departure from her previous series. Her new paintings, through a creative manipulation of materials and rare sensitivity to color and tone, are simultaneously abstract and boldly representational. What at first glance may […]Read Post ›

Title Girl Medium Watercolour on Paper Size 60 x 50 cm

Featured Artist – Egle Kmieliauskaite

Featured Artist Egle Kmieliauskaite – Reading, UK Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO  MAGAZINE Egle Kmieliauskaite is a professional Artist who graduated at Vilnius Academy of Arts also at the Art Academy of London and is currently based in Reading, UK. She has exhibited her portraits and other paintings widely in the UK and abroad, with […]Read Post ›

Title Enrooted Habits Medium Photography Size 3000X3000 pixels

Featured Artist – Mati Gelman

Featured Artist Mati Gelman – New York, NY Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE I am a pragmatist and a dreamer. My aesthetic focuses on connections between forces of nature and the human body. I have an urge to understand how the elements work together, and how we, as people, are affected by them. I […]Read Post ›

Title Sakkaku Medium Digital Sculpture on Archival Inkjet Print Size 30" x 30"

Featured Artist – Michai Morin

Featured Artist Michai Morin – Brunswick, ME Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE “I am an artist, a lifelong student of the sciences, an inventor, a ponderer, builder, and tinkerer. I am a high functioning father and husband with Asperger Syndrome. I am also color blind, which people seem to find interesting. These are things […]Read Post ›

Title Habitat II Medium Monoprint and collage Size 24" x 15"

Featured Artist – Agathe Bouton

Featured Artist Agathe Bouton – Wynnewood, PA Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Biography Agathe Bouton is a French artist, originally from Paris. She moved to Philadelphia 4 years ago, and is now based in Wynnewood PA. She works mainly in various forms of printmaking, but also in painting and collage. She studied in one […]Read Post ›

Title autumn Medium oil on round canvas Size 50cm

Featured Artist – Vinka Gasparus

Featured Artist Vinka Gasparus – Zagreb, Croatia Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Vinka Gasparus was born in 1987. in Zagreb, Croatia. She received the master’s degree from Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka, Croatia, majoring in painting. Vinka is a figurative painter. Mostly focused on portraits and nudes, she is seeking inspiration in her friends […]Read Post ›

Title LADY BUTTERFLY Medium Painting on silk,batik Size 40x40 inch

Featured Artist – Natallia Mazurkevich

Featured Artist Natallia Mazurkevich – Brooklyn, NY Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE I am a professional artist from Belarus, My education is in the arts. Subjects-drawings, painting,composition and design. I left art school in the city of Minsk. Belarus (1985),then finished art college after studying to be a designer of clothes in (1989), then […]Read Post ›

Title Nastasia Filippovna Medium Plastic, mix media Size 70 cm

Featured Artist – Natasha von Braun

Featured Artist Natasha von Braun – Moscow, Russia Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Natasha von Braun was born in Moscow. From early childhood she was fond of drawing, sewing and modeling. In school years she was inventing and drawing comics and made her first amateur film. After graduation Natasha entered the animation course and […]Read Post ›