Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 36

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Issue 36

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s Issue 36 is here! Featuring an eclectic group of art from 30 Artists. Our cover art is from Artist mafloku out of Tamaulipas, Mexico. … Enjoy! … TO THE MAGAZINE  

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Selected Artists – September/October – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Selected Artists for our 2018 September/October Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine. We went through over 2000 works of art by 517 Artists and we feel like we made a good selection of the art that works for our next issue. There was plenty of art submitted that was worthy of our little magazine that didn’t […]Read Post ›

Title Heal me Medium photography

Featured Artist – Carlos Bracho – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Carlos Bracho – Panama City, Panama Instagram Carlos Bracho, a self-taught fine art photographer who was born in Panama on August 26, 1989. As a child he was very interested in science and art, always enjoying the painting process and exploring what he could in his surroundings. He decides to study a college […]Read Post ›

Title Growing thoughts and secrets Medium Acrylic and oil on canvas Size 120 x 120 cm

Featured Artist – Alfonso Lourido – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Alfonso Lourido – El Pinar Sur, Uruguay Instagram Alfonso defines his art as narrative. “Since I was a child I’ve liked to listen, read, watch and tell stories. I truly believe there is not just one medium to do so; on the contrary, there are infinities. My works “tell” stories, not through “one” […]Read Post ›

Title Deli Medium Acrylic on wood panel Size 38 X 28in

Featured Artist – Shuto Okayasu – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Shuto Okayasu – Ridgewood, NY Instagram Okayasu received his B.A. from Tokyo Zokei University in 2014. While attending university, he spent a year working as a painting assistant at Kaikai Kiki, Takashi Murakami’s studio. Okayasu exhibited his work at several galleries in Japan after graduating, before moving to New York in 2015 to […]Read Post ›

Title Safe Buy Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 30" x 50"

Featured Artist – Glenn Murray – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Glenn Murray – Southwick, MA Instagram I’m a traditionally trained, realistic painter. My art is sometimes described as photorealistic and it may look like a photograph, but my style is more painterly using layers of color built up to achieve the effect I’m looking for. I create my paintings using traditional methods of […]Read Post ›

Title The Pond, No. 1 Medium Photography Size 12 x 17

Featured Artist – Rollence Patugan – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Rollence Patugan – Pasadena, CA Instagram I will always be drawn to people. Having come from Baldwin Park, CA a small but diverse town in the San Gabriel valley within Los Angeles County, I want my work to reflect the ethnic diversity that has always been part of my experiences and reality that […]Read Post ›

Title Beloved of a Falling Song Medium Oil on panel Size 8 x 10 inches

Featured Artist – Mary Chiaramonte – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Mary Chiaramonte – Richmond, VA Instagram Born in 1979 in Harmony, West Virginia, Mary Chiaramonte began painting at the age of three. As a child she helped her family live from and farm their land. She had no TV or other distractions, and was encouraged to entertain herself with objects in nature. Left […]Read Post ›

Title Golden Skies No. 44 Medium Acrylic and Gold Leaf Size 20 x 20 in.

Featured Artist – Duke Windsor – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Duke Windsor – La Mesa, CA Born in Texarkana, Texas, Duke Windsor served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat illustrator and drill instructor. He subsequently studied classical voice at San Diego State University, later performing with the San Diego Opera Chorus. An avid practitioner of the martial arts, Duke owned and […]Read Post ›

Title Just Breathe Medium Oil on Wood Panel Size 6x6

Featured Artist – Lisa Taylor – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Lisa Taylor – Nashville, TN Instagram Lisa is from a small town southwest of Nashville, Tennessee. She is a professional artist/oil painter and an 8-year veteran of the US Coast Guard, with a specialty in Planning and Contingency Preparedness. Lisa has a Bachelor of Science in Logistics & Intermodal Transportation from the U.S. […]Read Post ›