Title Luxenburg, Blindsided, owned by The Count Ibex Collection, 2017 Medium acrylic on linen Size 60x30 inches

10 Art Competition – Results

Artist Portfolio Magazine Results for the 2018 10 Art Competition Top 10 plus an additional 15 Honorable Mentions. Thank you to every Artist who participated in the 10 Art Competition. We will follow up with individuals over the next few weeks with instructions. … Thank you all. 1st Place – Blindsided by Sheryl Luxenburg – […]Read Post ›

Title In The Presence Of Halos - Bouquet of Five Medium digital mixed media Size 16x16

Cindy Hawkins – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Cindy Hawkins – Guerneville, CA Instagram Artist Statement Welcome to “In The Presence Of Halos”, my current digital mixed media series. These pieces were inspired by loving thoughts of my family, friends and animal companions who are no longer in this world. I often feel comforted by imagining feeling […]Read Post ›

Title Lincoln Medium Graphite/Charcoal Size 12x16

Celeste Rickert – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Celeste Rickert – Katy, TX Instagram.com I focus. I pray. I listen. And I create. So much of art is connecting with our souls. The passion behind my artwork is fueled through the process of bringing life to those who have passed over. It is a spiritual movement that […]Read Post ›

Title Sky Maiden Medium mixed media Size 24 x 18 x 1

Diamante Lavendar – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Diamante Lavendar – Greenbay, WI Instagram   I am an author and artist. I’ve won awards for both my art and my writing. Since I was a young child, I’ve loved books and art which has carried into my adult life. I’ve always enjoyed the symbolic and visceral attributes […]Read Post ›

Joe Stavec – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Joe Stavec – Walton Hills, OH Art is not an end in itself. It is a method of creating awareness of the marvelous. Surrealist art reveals invisible secrets and exposes hidden surprises. Surrealism is based on a fascination with the strange and imaginary. Surrealist images evoke the possible, supplemented […]Read Post ›

Title One day in the future 03 Medium Fine art photography Size 70 X 50 cm

Shifra Levyathan – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Shifra Levyathan – Rmat-Gan, Israel Artist Statement. Basically l am an Unban photographer. l love the city, its people and it’s Architecture. The high-rise buildings with glass and chrome create wonderful distorted reflections.. People are intriguing with their colorful personalities and actions. The city has everything for me – […]Read Post ›

Title Ingenuous Medium Oil on canvas Size 24" x 24"

Artist Portfolio Magazine Q4 Results – Top 3

Artist Portfolio Magazine would like to thank every Artist who participated in our Q4 Art Competition. There where so many talented Artists that participated in this competition that it has taken a bit longer than expected to pick our top 3, but without further delay here they are. Our 20 Honorable Mentions to be revealed […]Read Post ›


Juvy Panganiban – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Juvy Panganiban – Georgetown, Canada Canadian artist, Juvy Bajar Panganiban’s demonstration of creative art is centered mostly on celebrating women, emphasizing strength, intellect and beauty. It is also an exploration of femininity, herself and where she is in this period of time. Some artists like to make […]Read Post ›

Title Past Present Future: An Existential Crisis Medium Photography Size 10" x 10"

Jillian Van Volkenburgh – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Jillian Van Volkenburgh – Gary, IN Instagram Jillian Van Volkenburgh is a Northwest Indiana native. Having worked professionally as an educator, an appraiser, a writer, as well as an artist and photographer, these experiences have yielded different perspectives not only towards art, but in everyday observations. She […]Read Post ›

Title: 03 29 17 @ 21:57 #2 Medium: Digital Photography Manipulation Size: 13 x 19

Ashley Mauler – Photography Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Photography Competition Ashley Mauler – Plattsburgh, NY 03 29 17 @ 21:57 Waiting. That’s what the last ten years have been. Me waiting. Impatiently waiting for any sort of communication, or acknowledgement that I was, and still am a part of you. Nothing came. Nothing at all. I was drowning […]Read Post ›