Odysseus’ Men Medium Digital Collage Size 50.8cm w x 61cm h

Featured Artist – Lexicon Love

Featured Artist Lexicon Love – Sydney, Australia Instagram Australian born and bred, I am a self-taught collage artist who works under the name Lexicon Love. I love collage art essentially because I enjoy the process. I am less preoccupied with the end result. I am drawn to the surreal and unsettling and try to inject […]Read Post ›

Nugget Medium acrylic on canvas Size 16x16

Featured Artist – Jimmy Gockel

Inspired by Andy Warhol and Peter Max, I have been drawn to the 1960s psychedelic era of pop art with all it’s bold and bright colors, which I often use in my paintings.

The Choir Medium Acrylic on canvas Size 120x100cm

Featured Artist – Eleanor Adair

Eleanor Adair was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She left school at 16 and travelled to places including Alaska, France and Spain where she lived and worked. She has exhibited throughout the UK, including Liverpool, Glasgow, and London and at the Society of Scottish Artists in Edinburgh. She has had no formal art training.

Still Waters Medium Mixed media Size 64X13X12"

Featured Artist – Aimee Perez

Aimee Perez was born in Habana Cuba in 1955. She left for the United States when she was twelve with her family through the Freedom Flights and grew up in Miami in Cuban immigrant community. As a young adult she won the Gold Key Award in painting and several honorable mentions as she continued her pursuit of the arts during her college years. In 1989 she moved to Mexico City and continued painting and exhibiting with Cuban and Mexican artist. In 1997 she was invited to participate as a guest artist in the studio of Mexican sculptor Jose Sacal and it is here she begins to work for the first time in 3D with clay. She returned to Miami in 2006 and continued her work winning several awards for her figurative ceramics in the state of Florida. Perez has been praised for her command of gestures making her sculptures expressionistic and powerful which combined with the juxtaposition to found objects creates an organic symbiosis. She says her work is her voice, a dialogue with the observer and simultaneously a self-exploration. Her work can be found in many private collection in the United States and Mexico and in permanent collections including Florida International University Honors College Collection and Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama.

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 38

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 38 is Here!!!

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 38 Get your copy of issue 38 in digital and print.

Angelo Medium lienzo Size 120cm x 120cmAngelo Medium lienzo Size 120cm x 120cm

Featured Artist – Franck Sastre

Featured Artist Franck Sastre – Pontevedra, France Instagram Franck Sastre: half Spanish and French…Born in Perigueux (France) of Spanish father and French mother, having lived in both countries By defining a style to my painting, the public associates my works with an “Underground Street Art” style, marking much the deconstruction of perfectionism with the strokes […]Read Post ›

Dreaming of the Sea Medium Layered Mixed Media, Acrylic Size 30x40

Featured Artist – Connie Moore

Featured Artist Connie Moore – Waynoka, OK Connie Moore, M.Ed., began a career as an artist in 2003 when she opened a digital art studio and gallery in Waynoka, Oklahoma. She still offers unique digital art pieces printed on canvas utilizing her customer’s photos. However, her artistic focus shifted in the summer of 2011 when […]Read Post ›

Jazz Mask Medium Photography Size 20" X 30

Featured Artist – Margaret Hyde

I collect and photograph things that most people would step on or walk right by: tiny seashells, dandelions and other weeds and scraps of old metal and broken glass. All of them bear the marks of their journeys: flaws, cracks, bumps and bruises that are a testament to the tide of life. I create miniature sculptures and let the play of natural light, water and gravity transform them into ephemeral talismans. Water, which is essential to all life and to my work, inhabits and flows through the sculptures reflecting its infinite memory of the people, places and things that it has encountered along the way. It is a meditation on what it means to be transformed by life and all the elements of nature. The camera enables me to see rightly “what is essential and (usually) invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

Castalia Medium UHR Inkjet Print on Acrylic Glass · Mounted to Aluminum Dibond Size 20" x 38"

Featured Artist – Michai Morin

I am an artist, a lifelong student of the sciences, an inventor, a ponderer, builder, and tinkerer. I am a high functioning father and husband with Asperger Syndrome. I am also color blind, which people seem to find interesting. These are things that make me unique and I appreciate who I have become. I currently live in the beautiful State of Maine with my wonderful soulmate and our five children.

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Announcement – 20 Selected Artists for Issue 38 of Artist Portfolio Magazine

Selected Artists Congratulations to the 20 Artists selected for Issue 38 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. We had over 2236 works of art to go through and the list below are our selections. Thank you to all the Artists who submitted art. Our next submission process will start in a few days. Issue 38 due out […]Read Post ›