Title: Conquest/Ascension Medium: Acrylic, acetate, foam core, vintage wallpaper, a faux-sheepskin rug, a stuff animal, various adhesives, paint marker, and resin on canvas Size: 30x40"

Evan Schwartz – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Evan Schwartz – Brooklyn, NY Artist Statement My work embodies a ‘worlds-within-worlds’ effect through mysterious detail and a dense menagerie of both hidden and exposed images. The more viewers engage with the paintings the more the viewers will discover. The outcome of my artworks utilize a mixed media approach-each one containing both […]Read Post ›

Leo Hylan Title: Arctic Eclipse Medium: Digitally Enhanced Holga Photography Size: 16"x16"

Abstract Art by Leo Hylan

Abstract art entry by Leo Hylan of Annapolis, MD 2013 Abstract Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com