Featured Artist | Lisa Roggenbuck

Roggenbuck’s art deals with the disconnection women can experience to their bodies by complying with standards of beauty and acceptability that are imposed upon them in western culture. These standards are determined by the dominant culture and problematize bodies that don’t satisfy these standards. This failure to satisfy these standards are then remedied with modifications to the body. These modifications come in the form of consumer products that require time as well as money to execute.

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Alexandra DeBenedictis – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Alexandra DeBenedictis – Centennial, CO Instagram I am currently finishing my BFA at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Art has always been the vessel through which my unconscious presents itself in subjective consciousness in a subjective feminine lens. We create our own mythology everyday through the very experience of […]

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Jennifer Brazil – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Jennifer Brazil – Twentynine Palms, CA I was born in Visalia,CA, in 1996 I really discovered my passion for painting. I drew for the majority of my childhood, it was more interesting to me to convey my perspective through vibrancy and a little watercolor. In 2002, and […]

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