Featured Artist – Stephen Mangum

Stephen Mangum is a representational painter born in 1954 in Mississippi and currently living and working in San Francisco, California. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in painting, he is known primarily for his large-scale portraits. His works have been juried into and won awards in numerous national and international competitions and exhibitions and also published by PoetsArtists, International Artist, Create!, Artist Portfolio, Spotlight magazine and the Circle Quarterly Art Review. Most recently, he was selected from the finalists of the Crocker-Kingsley Biennial for exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. His paintings are in private collections across the U.S.

Title Sweet Moment Medium Oil on Canvas Size 11x14

Featured Artist – Connie Moore

Featrued Artist Connie Moore – Waynoka, OK Instagram Connie Moore, M.Ed., began a career as an artist in 2003 when she opened a digital art studio and gallery in Waynoka, Oklahoma. She still offers unique digital art pieces printed on canvas utilizing her customer’s photos. However, her artistic focus shifted in the summer of 2011 […]Read Post ›

Title Must be the Place Medium oil on panel Size 28x22 inches

Featured Artist – Nick Patten

Featured Artist Nick Patten – Hudson, NY Instagram Settling on a composition for one of my room interior paintings is a progressive process. I pick and choose the most interesting and necessary elements from an array of photographs, often adding items from my imagination. Light & Dark is a primary focus of my painting, with […]Read Post ›

Title Omi Obi ( The Kolanut River) Medium Oil on Canvas Size 105x76 cm

Featured Artist – Ramon Omolaja Adeyemi

Featured Artist Ramon Omolaja Adeyemi – Ogun, Nigeria   SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Mr. Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja is a professional painting artist with years of experience in different painting works to exhibit natural and environmental activities and occurrences around him. Adeyemi Ramon was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th of January , 1978. […]Read Post ›

Title Faith Medium oil on panel with aluminum leaf Size 16x20

Featured Artist – Veronica Winters – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Veronica Winters – Naples, FL Instagram My figurative realism painting is a personal exploration of the interior life of women. We all have the public self and the private self, we often don’t reveal our inner life to others, and this is exactly what I paint. Painting is about revealing the truth the […]Read Post ›

Title "Calm As Glass" 44º22'48" N 65º13'40"W Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 28"w x 22"h

Featured Artist – Peter Gough – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Peter Gough – Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada “It has been said that modern realism begins from the position that truth can be discovered by the individual through the senses.” Ian Watt I am passionate about what I paint. For as long as I can remember I have always had a reverence for the […]Read Post ›

Title live in plenty Medium acrylic on artboard Size 28 in x 38 in

Featured Artist – Jackson Lee – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Jackson Lee – Hong Kong, China I was born in and grew up in Hong Kong. This is my home with all my family, friends and memories which are deeply relevant and integral to my identity. To reciprocate the love, care and support that this community has provided for me, I would like […]Read Post ›

Title Safe Buy Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 30" x 50"

Featured Artist – Glenn Murray – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Glenn Murray – Southwick, MA Instagram I’m a traditionally trained, realistic painter. My art is sometimes described as photorealistic and it may look like a photograph, but my style is more painterly using layers of color built up to achieve the effect I’m looking for. I create my paintings using traditional methods of […]Read Post ›

Title Flame Medium Oil Size 48" x 32"Title Flame Medium Oil Size 48" x 32"

20 Art Competition – Honorable Mentions

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Honorable Mentions   Listed in no particular order are the Honorable Mentions from our 2018 20 Art Competition. A big thank you to all artists who participated and congratulations to our selected artists. Thank you! Kristine Poole – Santa Fe, NM – Daskala: The Allegory of Mentorship Vicky Martin – […]Read Post ›

Title Blossom as a Kitten Medium Colored Pencil Size 14” x 18”

Nathalie Beck – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Nathalie Beck – Las Vegas, NV From a very early age, I have been inspired by animals. These paintings are a reflection of my love for animals. I hope these pieces will brighten someone’s day.