New Portraits

Please enjoy the following images, which are from the 2013 Portrait Art Exhibit hosted at

Name: Kelly Blevins
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Title: The Eye
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Size: 30″ x 40″
Name: Gail Butler
City: Chesterfield, VA
Title: Gypsies
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18″ x 24″
Name: Denise Diyanni
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Title: Can’t See
Medium: Digital Photography
Size: 13″ x 14″
Name: John Dunkleman
City: Cheektowaga, NY
Title: Len 1 (Colorblind Portrait)
Medium: Digital Illustration
Size: 20″ x 24″
Name: Lisa Hindle
City: Lancashire, UK
Title: Mirage
Medium: Digital Photograph
Size: 23″ x 15″
Name: Michiko Ito
City: Gardena, CA
Title: A New Old Self-Portrait (Repeat)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40″ x 30″
Name: Michiko Ito
City: Gardena, CA
Title: Fujimi no Hana – Only a Precious Person in My Life. Part of Series Young and Pretty #1
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Size: 78.5″ x 53″
Name: Michiko Ito
City: Gardena, CA
Title: One Piece
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Size: 92.5″ x 53″
Name: Phil Kauffman
City: Encinitas, CA
Title: Pearl
Medium: Digital Image on Canvas
Size: 48″ x 30″
Name: Phil Kauffman
City: Encinitas, CA
Title: Wanda
Medium: Digital Image on Canvas
Size: 36″ x 27″
Name: Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
City: Portland, OR
Title: Circular Thinking
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30″ x 40″
Name: Elizabeth McGhee
City: Laguna Beach, CA
Title: Pythia
Medium: Oil on Wood Panel
Size: 12″ x 24″
Name: Kodachi Miroc
City: Tokyo, Japan
Title: Sakura Otome
Medium: Digital
Size: 819kb
Name: Sarah Murphy
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Yes or No ?
Medium: Pastel Pencils and Sharpie Marker
Size: 11″ x 14″
Name: Tony Murray
City: Cobleskill
Title: My Struggle
Medium: Sculpture Mixed Metal, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Size: 4′ x 6′ x 8′
Name: David Perales
City: Pomona, CA
Title: Dali
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 36″ x 64″
Name: Sandi Pfeifer
City: West Palm Beach, FL
Title: Lady of the Avenue #2
Medium: Phone Photo
Size: 7.5″ x 7.5″
Name: Kayli Rideout
City: Concord, NC
Title: Ashley
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 24″ x 30″
Name: Alma Shoaf
City: Chicago, IL
Title: Fish Bowl
Medium: Pencil
Size: 10″ x 17″
Name: Simon Bolzern, Kim Sokola
(aka simon+kim)
City: Kriend, Switzerland
Title: Lifestory Old Men
Medium: Digital
Size: Varies


Name: Dan Simoneau
City: Kenosha, WI
Title: Marco
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 28″ x 18″
Name: Deborah Stabile
City: Flemington, NJ
Title: Charlie
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 16″ x 20″
Name: Abie Sussman
City: New York, NY
Title: Naked Truth
Medium: Digital Print
Size: 48″ x 71″
Name: Filiz Taylor
City: Ankara, Turkey
Title: Marilyn
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Name: Fang Tong
City: Surrey, Canada
Title: Distance
Medium: Photography
Size: 15″ x 10″
Name: Danielle Velazquez
City: Fort Lee, NJ
Title: Cool Girl
Medium: Phone Photo
Name: Kerri Warner
City: Sacramento, CA
Title: Garden Party
Medium: Mixed Media Collage, book pages, wrapping paper, metal buttons, acrylic on wood panel
Size: 31″ x 31′
Name: Trudy L Waterman
City: Naper, NE
Title: Shaeden II
Medium: Digital Photo
Size: 8″ x 8″

The Juror’s Choices are in! Check out the full list of recognized artists at

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