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Amy Prindle

Amy was born in the Bay Area in 1993. She received her Associates Degree in Fine Art from Diablo Valley College and transferred to University of California, Berkeley, where she is currently studying visual arts and art history.
Amy gets much of her inspiration from a wide range of influences, including street art found throughout the Bay Area, as well as animals, music, fashion, politics, and nature. She hopes to inspire young minds to continuously expand their knowledge and creativity, so that they realize that they can truly achieve anything they want to achieve if they work hard enough.

Title Thoughts Medium Gouache, Charcoal, & Colored Pencils Size 9″x12″
Title Smile 4 Me Medium Styrofoam, Plaster, Wax, Acrylic, & Rhinestones Size 36″x16″x24″
Title Miss Killah Medium Gouache, Colored Pencils, & Acrilic Size 8″x9″

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