Art by Valerie Cardenas: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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Valerie Cardenas

While my point of view has been informed by my lifelong passion for art and design, I am entirely self-taught. In fact, I had never made a painting before entering my late 30’s. My work is incredibly personal and autobiographical in nature. As a Latina woman, a mother, and survivor of domestic abuse, I believe that my work speaks to experiences that are common to many, but presented in ways that are uniquely my own. I have come to mainly focus on collage because in my work, as in other facets of my life, I continually challenge myself to take the tattered remnants of what has been broken, or otherwise damaged by the course of life, and allow those things to form the basis of a new and powerful story. Materials I commonly use are broken glass, wood, metal, plastic, things found in the natural world, and small photos.

Title Hudson, Where Have We Gone Medium Mixed Media Size 48” x 60”
Title Valentine for Michael Medium Mixed Media Size 20”x 18”
Title A Woman’s Place Medium Acrylic on canvas Size 36” x 36”

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