Art by Fran McNamara: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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National Art Exhibit

Fran McNamara

My paintings are abstract expressions that explore a sense of depth and atmosphere in organic elements. I have always studied nature and am inspired not just by reading about it, but by having my own encounters in the wild.

Landscapes in constant transformation, modified by natural and man-made energies, and fragile ecosystems that survive in extreme environments pique my curiosity and become prominent subjects in my paintings.

Through the use of color, form, texture, and transparency in layers, my compositions evolve into skewed assertions of nature that undergo an enduring metamorphosis. I invite the viewer to experience their own visual journey, to discover what forces are evoked within them, and to undergo their own metamorphosis in the process.

My paint layers are thick over thin. In some areas, I wipe them away and then apply more paint in a wide range of mediums. While I use a variety of materials and processes, my methodology in each painting is consistent. While there may not always be material similarities between each piece, my art is linked by recurring shapes and the composition of the subject matter.

Title NIGHT CANOPY Medium Acrylic on Canvas on Panel Size 32 x 36 Inches
Title A STAR TO A WISH Medium Acrylic and metal flake paint on canvas on panel Size 40 x 46 Inches
Title SAPAS AWAKE Medium Acrylic on canvas on panel Size 34 x 34 Inches