Art by Natalie Reilly: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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National Art Exhibit

Natalie Reilly

I have always been in tune with the art world. For the past 18 years I have been a stay at home mom helping raise my two girls. As my children grew older, I was able to seriously tackle my painting career. It started out with murals, and now canvases are the majority of my artwork.

Sunny Southern California is where I grew up and currently live. While attending Fullerton College, I took painting and art history classes. There, I was introduced to many forms of painting. Acrylic painting just seemed to be my niche. This is the medium I use to paint all of my canvases.

Most of the canvases I paint are large, engaging on a simple subject with bright colors. Bold colors and clean lines are my focus. Bringing a burst of color into peoples lives through my paintings is what inspires me.

Title Purple Dahlia Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 60 x 40
Title Orange Dahlia Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 48 x 48
Title Tale of the Juniper Tree Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 36 x36