Art by Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio

Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio is a Mexican artist that began her artistic studies in Rome, Italy after which she received her bachelor’s dual degree in Fine Arts and Art History at the University of San Diego. She later went on to work at a contemporary art magazine for the University of El Claustro de Sor Juana in Mexico City. Ortiz-Rubio obtained her MFA at the New York Academy of Art where she was a recipient of the Academy Scholar’s Scholarship in 2013. Directly after her MFA program concluded Ortiz-Rubio was invited to Chavon School of Design in the Dominican Republic for a three month Artist Residency Program and a teaching position at the school. She has shown her work in several collective exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, including her first solo show in Mexico City. Currently she lives in San Diego where she is teaching painting and drawing at the University of San Diego.

Artist statement: I am deeply interested in the instant, of that small window of time we call the present, it is the space between transitions, that nebulous moment that barely exists because it goes as soon as it arrives. What are those invisible membranes that divide one from the other, the past from the future, the transitions of change, life from death?

Title Nube Medium oil on canvas Size 48 X 72 in.
Title In Bed Medium oil on canvas Size 42 X 64 in.
Title Blind Sight II Medium oil on canvas Size 40 X 40 in.

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