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Artist Portfolio Magazine – 5 Year Anniversary Art Exhibition –

Barbara Green MannToronto, Canada

Seems Like a Million Miles and a Million Paintings, Artist Statement and CV 2015

Reconstructing world events, I paint a new view of the todays world. It’s been said that art defines a cultural era and this is another part of my job. I define camouflage and chicanery which provide innovative alternatives to destructive weapons used by the leaders of genocide. Declarations to manifest a world community system will provide a better answer. I have a plan for a highly innovative dramatic military operation that would piss off a lot of military enemies. Yes, please, put in a call to the Pentagon.
The Hathors are from my home planet, On the Edge. They entertain a style of haute couture,redressing the planet after it’s been blown to pieces with lovely posh, flimsy garments which will remind the world that closet racks sporting cruelty, war, and human suffering are not in fashion. The Declarations of a World Community are far more fashionable. So with brush in hand I must again hit the battlefields of life and take out the awful smut, and tars that are here on the planet. A rebirth for myself and the planet are the next creations.
Subconscious thoughts, dreams and unseen possibilities are transformed into new attainable achievements. It’s the birth of a new world. When I complete a work I delight in the discovery how the elements of form, line, composition, and color, are now something magical and new. Little scenes and worlds fight for distinction and call to the viewer to understand the story that lies within each small capsule of space.
The conceptual context pertains to visions that may be innocuous, humorous, horrific or merely crammed and cluttered. This is when I ask the viewer to take my hand and follow me, metaphorically speaking. Driven by my Muse, I note that not much has changed since the 1960’s, except my sharpened wit and washed out humor. ” I’m too old for this. ” There is nowhere else to go, but forward.”
After surviving two lung cancer surgeries, a rarity, in 2009,and 2012. Oh dear it’s back again. There must be something mores she has to paint or say for she remains, doing her job.
Ms. Mann attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan receiving a Master and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, with a major in Printmaking. She exhibited in Detroit before her move to Toronto in 1994. She has exhibited in one European Gallery and has just returned home from Munich where she has an exhibition at the Christopher Durr Gallery.
In Ottawa at Ridley hall , home of the Governor General and his wife, her unique hand painted fashions marched down the runway as she sang her original song, Shopping.

Title In the Stars   Medium 	watercolor and pencil   Size 	18 x 24"
Title In the Stars
Medium watercolor and pencil
Size 18 x 24″