Saurine Robyn: Anniversary Art Exhibit

I’m an artist who uses experimentation techniques obtained through education and travel in the Australian Outback, Asia and Italy to create aesthetically balanced artwork. I meditate on the themes which emerge from these experiences to generate stylist drawings, loud coloured paintings, or mixed media work with layers of texture to show the themes significance and influence in my life.
During the production of projects different areas of interest arise which lead to the next body of work. For example reflecting on the challenges of balancing long-term travel resulting in feeling unsettled connects to the theme of becoming ‘invisible’ to the people around you. In turn this relates to the idea of finding the energy to take on a new journey.

Title Bewildered Medium Mixed Media Size 85 x 85cm
Title Move My Eyes Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 61 x 76cm
Title Romance Medium Acrylic paint on canvas Size 60 x 70cm
Title Thwarted Medium Mixed media on board Size 100 x 50cm