John Capanna – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

John Capanna is a artisan living and creating in the Pocono Mountains in PA. Born in rural southern NJ John is from a family of men and women who worked at creating with their hands. From an early age John was influenced by his grandfather Sabitino and his father Carmen. John spent countless hours watching and “helping” both men. Johns interest in woodworking began in high school and evolved into a mission of sorts . While in high school John built pine furniture for his parents and explored other mediums. In 1979 John was almost burned to death in an explosion at a local oil refinery . John is just 20 years old when his world is shattered . After spending 3 months in a burn unit with a 90 % full body burn ( 45% 3rd degree ) John is released to a physical rehabilitation in Jan of 1980. Facially disfigured his adjustment to living in society is beyond difficult . During this very long transition Johns father Carmen provided him with a work space and tools with which to create . Johns intetest in wood rekindled ( no pun intended) John finds hope in being a maker again. He credits his art with with not only saving his sanity but his life. His art today serves as a vehicle to help and encourage others. John has been fortunate to have studied with several talented, gifted and wellknown artists including Native American woodcarver Russel Bebe , Russian wood carver Leonid Zakurdayev, Furniture maker Jeffrey Lohr and Woodturner David Ellsworth . He’s an alumni of the Anderson Ranch Art School in CO. Johns work and story have been featured in Wood Carving Magazine , national and local newspapers and magazines and several art galleries in PA, ME ,FL and in the documentary Trial by fire; Lives reforged. The documentary premiered in NYC and LA where Leonard Maltin rated the documentary a ‘must see’ . John continues to expand his knowledge and experience , while building his platform and presence in the creative community . Johns portfolio consists of exotic furniture , wood turning and wood sculpting . Commissions are welcome .

Title:Graceful Medium:	Wood Size:	14 " long x 3 1/2
Title: Graceful
Medium: Wood
Size: 14 ” long x 3 1/2
Title:Dancing Whales Medium:	Wood Size:	12"x 12"
Title: Dancing Whales
Medium: Wood
Size: 12″x 12″