Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 36

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Subscribe to Artist Portfolio Magazine Artist Portfolio Magazine is an independent specialty art magazine that promotes the portfolios of emerging and established artists from various parts of the world. Supporting Artists is our main focus and we offer a free art submission process for Artists. Subscribe and receive 6 digital issues per year at a […]Read Post ›

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 34

New Release – Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 34 is Here!

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 34 Art from this issue is from our 10 Art Competition and has over 110 pages of nothing but art. … Enjoy!

Title Family life cycle Medium oil on canvas Size 60x72

Dinesh Doshi – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Dinesh Doshi – Melville, NY Instagram Dinesh Doshi, New York based artist of Indian origin, was born in Africa in 1949. His artwork is informed by a variety of cultural experiences having lived in Sudan, India, London & New York. Doshi’s artwork is an exploration of the inner workings […]Read Post ›

Title A Star in Someone Else's Sky Medium oil on canvas Size 16 x 20 inches

Thomas Legaspi -10 Art Competition

Artist PortfolioMagazine’s 10 Art Competition Thomas Legaspi – Jackson Heights, NY Instagram The New York based artist works within the context of contemporary realism focusing on the narrative potential of figurative art. He explores states of fragility, dualism, conflict, identity, irony and the introspective pursuit of resolution and surrender in order to attain personal peace. […]Read Post ›

Title Cloud Factory No. 2 Medium Photograph on Aluminum Size 16x24

James Ritchie – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition James Ritchie – Northville, MI Photography has always been a part of James Ritchie’s life, but it wasn’t until after he retired that he was able to devote himself to serious photographic endeavors. He has since taught himself traditional and digital photography on the fly and progressed from snapshooting […]Read Post ›

Title Luxenburg, Blindsided, owned by The Count Ibex Collection, 2017 Medium acrylic on linen Size 60x30 inches

10 Art Competition – Results

Artist Portfolio Magazine Results for the 2018 10 Art Competition Top 10 plus an additional 15 Honorable Mentions. Thank you to every Artist who participated in the 10 Art Competition. We will follow up with individuals over the next few weeks with instructions. … Thank you all. 1st Place – Blindsided by Sheryl Luxenburg – […]Read Post ›

Title Empress Medium Acrylic Size 24x30

Angela Kan – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Angela Kan – Chandler, AZ Specializing in acrylic paintings, Angela Kan seeks to use brush and canvas to capture the emotive capacity of human characteristics. Her art is strongly influenced by the mystery of the human condition and the impenetrable yet moving ability of minute expressions within a person’s […]Read Post ›

Title Keeper Medium Sculpture; Wood/Natural Materials Size 40 x 12 x 18

Mark Wood – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Mark Wood – Johnstown, NY Nature is such a powerful and important thing; its why we are all here. All around the world and through the cosmos an incomprehensible amount of things are happening; processes, lifecycles, weather, heartbeats, growth and decay… With rapidly advancing technologies and modern living amenities […]Read Post ›

Title "BROWN NAIAD" Medium Photography Size 13" by 19"

Dick Nosbisch – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Dick Nosbisch – Denver, CO Forty years experience in fine art photography, glamour, nudes, and stock photography. Helped form The Art institute of Colorado Photography Department and was President of The Colorado Photographic Arts Center for five years. Produced “How-to Video” called “Glamour Photography on Location with Dick Nosbisch.” […]Read Post ›

Title Goddess #3 Medium Oil on canvas Size 19 x 21

Gerry Chapleski – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Garry Chapleski – Broomfield, CO I am an Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Musician, Hunter, Fisherman, Farmer, Teacher, Coach, Scientist, Medicine Man + Warrior. My paintings are about Life, Light, Color, Humanity, Sex, Love, Beauty, God. I’m on a continual search for Beauty – real, classic, imagined, […]Read Post ›