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Pearl Mintzer | New Hope, PA

Every moment should be a celebration of life. Our senses and our emotions can put us in touch with the magic and beauty that is around us. That is what I try to portray through my art. My joyful, playful, whimsical images come alive with vibrant colors. They evoke the most positive emotions. Feelings of Love, Laughter and Joy. Painting is my happy place. I try to evoke happy feelings in my viewers

Golden Liberty | Oil | 30x30
Golden Liberty | Oil | 30×30
Sunset Stroll | Oil | 18x30
Sunset Stroll | Oil | 18×30
Hair Spray | Oil | 32x32
Hair Spray | Oil | 32×32
Bathing Beauties | Oil | 18x40
Bathing Beauties | Oil | 18x40Pop