Waiting Medium Oil on Canvas Size 41"x55"

Featured Artist – Chenyi Sun

Chenyi Sun (1991, Shanghai, China). He has studied painting for many years. He is skilled at oil painting, water media, acrylic, sketch, pastel, printmaking, mixed media.Sun is using artistic languages to present his perception of a three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional picture while at the same time expressing ideas surrounding the feeling of isolation and loneliness. He is interested in exploring the relationship between people and the world in which they live. Relationships are always complicated, and everyone has their own perspective on the world and their relationship to it. Through isolation, He explore the sincerest version of the person inside. He found that using different reflections of mirrors and glass helps to increase space. The rooms or spaces he paints a narrow world where the feeling of isolation can be exaggerated. Whether alone at home or a crowded subway car, people can feel equally isolated. Meanwhile, most of his work will connect time and space to contrast the feeling of isolation between vagueness and reality. He presents this movement in his subway series.

Someday, Maybe , Never Medium Oil on canvas Size 40”x 60”

Featured Artist – Jason Bryant

A photo, a fingerprint, a signature, and DNA are all methods we use to identify a person, but they are just a means to match a name or face to an individual, not to describe who they are or to translate their identity.

Flying Colours Medium Oil on Canvas Size 36"H x 48"W

Featured Artist – Donna L. Byers

Featured Artist Donna L. Byers – Osoyoos, BC, Canada Instagram Greatly influenced by the five senses, Donna’s art tends to focus on the things that bring joy to the heart, fond memories to the mind and comfort to the soul. Pleasant, interesting subject matter, linear style and the use of brilliant colours makes her ‘romantic-at-heart’ […]Read Post ›

More Money, Honey Medium Pen on hanji paper collaged with book pages Size 11" x 24.5

Featured Artist – Anne Feller

Featured Artist Anne Feller – Boulder, CO Instagram My artwork is the meeting point between individuality and human connection weaved together in a compilation of weighted eyebags, deep wrinkles, and naturals creases of the human body. With intention in each line stroke, I create vibrant movement layered upon layer, compiled into faces and form. Even […]Read Post ›

Chapeau Rouge Medium canvas Size 140 cm x 120cm

Featured Artists – Frank Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Sastre

Featured Artists Frank Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Sastre – Pontevedra, Spain Instagram Our artistic creation with the two hands Franck Sastre & Asun Gonzalez Two souls who had much in common come together in their passion for painting. In the desire to go beyond the established with desire to investigate what happens in the mix […]Read Post ›

Hanging Out #3 Medium bronze, granite base Size 48x12x12

Featured Artist – Maidy Morhous

An accomplished printmaker, painter, as well as sculptor, Maidy Morhous was born in New York. She currently creates out of her studio thirty minutes north of San Diego, California.

Yellow Rain Jacket Medium Oil on canvas Size 24in by 36in

Featured Artist – Brandon Grace

Featured Artist Brandon Grace – Hamburg, NY Instagram

The Release of Space Messengers Medium Mixed Media Size 20" X 20"

Featured Artist – Isabelle Miltioux

Featured Artist Islabelle Miltioux – Rigaud, Québec, Canada Instagram I paint my personal universe which has inhabited my soul since the dawn of time. My creations manifest themselves mainly through the inspiration that I derive from music which harmoniously unleashes and defines my imagination. My heart is a planet from which my familiar ideas come to […]Read Post ›

Still Waters Medium Mixed media Size 64X13X12"

Featured Artist – Aimee Perez

Aimee Perez was born in Habana Cuba in 1955. She left for the United States when she was twelve with her family through the Freedom Flights and grew up in Miami in Cuban immigrant community. As a young adult she won the Gold Key Award in painting and several honorable mentions as she continued her pursuit of the arts during her college years. In 1989 she moved to Mexico City and continued painting and exhibiting with Cuban and Mexican artist. In 1997 she was invited to participate as a guest artist in the studio of Mexican sculptor Jose Sacal and it is here she begins to work for the first time in 3D with clay. She returned to Miami in 2006 and continued her work winning several awards for her figurative ceramics in the state of Florida. Perez has been praised for her command of gestures making her sculptures expressionistic and powerful which combined with the juxtaposition to found objects creates an organic symbiosis. She says her work is her voice, a dialogue with the observer and simultaneously a self-exploration. Her work can be found in many private collection in the United States and Mexico and in permanent collections including Florida International University Honors College Collection and Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama.

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