Title "Wild frontier" Medium Watercolor, Indian ink Size 11"×15"

Merry Jo Whiting-Carter – Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Merry Jo Whiting-Carter – Portland, OR Instagram In my portraits I like to capture the more whimsical, dreamy, yet obscure and alternative perception of the human face. The element of imperfect splattered watercolor strokes paired with a more crisp, bold layering of Indian ink, creates a structured outline to […]Read Post ›

Title: This Side of the Blue Medium: Acrylic Size: 24 inches x 24 inches

Anna Jones-Hughes – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Anna Jones-Hughes – Iowa City, IA Anna Jones-Hughes is a young artist living in Iowa City, Iowa. Each piece she makes is a purge of emotion and a form of repetitive meditation.