Title The Forest 2017 Medium Acrylic on canvas Size 110 cm x 110 cm

Duri Park – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Duri Park – New York, NY Depiction of Hidden Nature My work looks at the movement of the air and the earth in the forest. I want to express the value of all living things, visible or invisible to the naked eye. There is an existence-value to all living […]Read Post ›

Title: Space | 空間 | No.1 Medium: Arcylic, wood cube Size: 15x15cm

Soohyun Kim – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine Q1 Art Competition Soohyun Kim – Gyeonggi-do, South Korea In general people yearn to see that which is better off than the reality that lies in front of them. But all that I desire is for them to simply express what comes to their minds when they see this painting. The various […]Read Post ›