Featured Artist | Thomas Riesner

Thomas Riesner Leipzig, Germany facebook.com/thomas.riesner.de @thomas.riesner1 I was born in Leipzig in 1971 and I still live here today. Alredy in elementary school I often painted “abstract” instead of the given concrete drawing. I later retained this style or changed it to “abstract Figuration”. I painted alot at home, always without professional guidance. I didn´t […]

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Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 50 Vol.2 is Here!

Artist Portfolio Magazine is an independent art magazine that features both emerging and professional Artists from various parts of the world.Each issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine showcases a small portfolio of art with contact information and links to each Artist’s online presence.

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Featured Artist | Miro Tomarkin

Miro Tomarkin Dagenham Essex London, UK http://www.tomarkin.net/ https://www.instagram.com/mirotomarkin/ Miro Tomarkin is an artist who uses his art as a lens to explore themes of identity and displacement from personal experience and uses it as a tool to dissect socio-political issues. He is particularly interested in the provocative power in art and how it can be […]

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Featured Artist | Joe Stavec

Joe Stavec | Walton Hills, OH Art is not an end in itself. It is a method of creating awareness of the marvelous. Surrealist art reveals invisible secrets and exposes hidden surprises. Surrealism is based on a fascination with the strange and imaginary. There are treasures hidden in the human mind, an ability to bathe […]

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Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 41 is Here!!!

Our latest issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine is here and available through ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com

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Featured Artist – Elizabeth Frank

Featured Artist Elizabeth Frank – Tucson, AZ Instagram Every summer or fall I visit an aspen forest to collect wood for my carvings. Each visit is like a pilgrimage. Every time I return I’m moved by the strength and the delicacy of the natural world. My carving style is inspired by iconic images found in […]

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Featured Artist – Blakelee Harmon

Blakelee Harmon is an emerging artist based in New York City who has dedicated her life to creating work that bonds human souls. She developed her sense of composition first through dance, exploring movement and stillness, music and silence, light and darkness, giving and taking, boundaries and abandon. Blakelee attended Marymount Manhattan for a bachelor’s degree in dance media where she also trained in oil painting and photography. She began using each of these mediums in tandem to explore concepts and inform the finished piece of work, and continues to use this method. Whatever strikes her in her daily routine is recorded and reflected in the chapter of each painting she is working on.

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Featured Artist – Luke Carlton

You can’t see it right now, but hovering right above your head, there’s a small, tornado-like elephant’s trunk beaming into your mentals. That cyclone absorbs a constant influx of thoughts, scents, conversations, mishaps, and pleasures. We internalize and process these stimuli differently, and thus we radiate different vibrations outward into our surroundings. We embrace these rhythms at the synapses in our brain, the tingling nerves at our fingertips…  …much like the rush of life that floods into your bloodstream with a deep breath, that which only magnifies as you slowly exhale… We share different components of the same engine, yet I cannot tell you everything I want to. I find I can better express my inner ruminations and provocations with a canvas than a turn of phrase. A stare into canvas is a snapshot into my dimensions. I trade diction and syntax for lines and color. I submit to the universe, and in return the universe embodies my every breath- my every step. With the flow of each stroke, I shout to the skies.

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Featured Artist – Eleanor Adair

Eleanor Adair was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She left school at 16 and travelled to places including Alaska, France and Spain where she lived and worked. She has exhibited throughout the UK, including Liverpool, Glasgow, and London and at the Society of Scottish Artists in Edinburgh. She has had no formal art training.

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Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 38 is Here!!!

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 38 Get your copy of issue 38 in digital and print.

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Hui-ju Chen – Outsider Art Magazine

Featured Artist Hui-ju Chen– Shantou, China Instagram Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. Even though she has not been using art and design as her main profession, she has kept her passion of making art until today. Along with her teaching job at Shantou University, she […]

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Featured Artist – Robert Gorchov – Outsider Art Magazine

Featured Artist Robert Gorchov – Philadelphia, PA I’m a self-taught artist and have been drawing and painting for nearly 40 years. I’m interested in the process that creates a painting. Though it involves imagination, this process is affected by chance, so that when I begin a picture I have only a half-formed image of what […]

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