Title: Courage Medium: Pen and Ink Size: 14"x17"

Deborah Griebel – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Deborah Griebel – Reno, NV The art I create is inspired by a combination of the Victorian Era and the star signs of the Zodiac. I enjoy the essence of complete balance through the dramatic contrast of black and white. I am a self-taught artist with the […]Read Post ›

Title: Just Some Lady Medium: Pen & Ink Size: 12 x 17

Jim Haller – Q2 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q2 Art Competition Jim Haller – Berryville, VA Instagram I am a Pen & Ink Artist and enjoy using a stippling technique to create very textured, realistic pieces. My artwork mostly deals with health issues that I struggle with. My goal is to convey the fears, obsessions, and insecurities that come […]Read Post ›

Title: Dogfight Medium: Micron pen and sharpie Size: 8.5" x 11"

Ryan Waldman – Q2 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q2 Art Competition Ryan Waldman – Seattle, WA Instagram

Title: Elder Brother Medium: Acrylic and oil pen on canvas Size: 24"x12"

Kelley Sullivan – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q1 Art Competition Kelley Sullivan – Bozeman, MT As a mixed media painter I carry a strong belief that art should evoke a powerful response, with feelings deeply personal to each viewer. The organic movement of paint within water allows me to work with little preconceptions, letting the medium decide much […]Read Post ›

Title: Blue Angel Medium: pen and ink + digital Size: 8" X 10"

Katherine Salassi – Midwest vs West – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist: Katherine Salassi – Sonoma, CA Artist Portfolio Magazine – Midwest vs West Art Exhibition

Title: The Realization Medium: Oil Painting Size: 36"x 24"

Claire Strayer – Southwest vs Northeast – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist: Claire Strayer – Salisbury, MD Artist Portfolio Magazine – Southwest vs Northeast Art Exhibition My work is a celebration of the depth of humans; beyond what is visually and conceptually seen at a first glance. I choose the figure because in this budding stage as an artist, I believe the lessons I can learn […]Read Post ›

Art by Smaranda Soima, Virginia

For our North vs South Segment. Art by Smaranda Soima.

Drawings by Derya Kadipasaoglu, Los Angeles

For our LA vs NY segment. Art by Derya Kadipasaoglu. View more art by Derya. Submit your artwork.

Francois Pretorius Title: Of Heart & Home #024 Medium: Traditional Ink on Paper Size: A5

Art by Francois Pretorius

International Art Submission by Francois Pretorius of Potchefstroom, South Africa Artist Portfolio Magazine