Featured Artist – Robert Frankel

I LIKE TO NOTICE THINGS: patterns of cracks on the street, colors of sprinkles scattered across the white icing on a doughnut, the texture of peeling bark. I try to use my brush to capture the tension between patterns, colors, and textures.If I am successful, those who view my work will feel the same joy I feel when creating it. As a self taught artist I have spent over 20 years exploring painting and wood sculpting. My work is abstract featuring bright colors, unusual geometric shapes, and various textures.

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Featured Artist – Eleanor Adair

Eleanor Adair was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She left school at 16 and travelled to places including Alaska, France and Spain where she lived and worked. She has exhibited throughout the UK, including Liverpool, Glasgow, and London and at the Society of Scottish Artists in Edinburgh. She has had no formal art training.

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