Congratulations Artists to be Featured in Landscapes Art Magazine

We are pleased to announce that we will feature the following artists from the Landscape Art Exhibit hosted via in an upcoming issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine. This is going to be an excellent issue!

Cover & 4 Page Spread

Barbara Lawrence

4 Page Spreads

Jian XuEnrique Machado

Additional features by

Annette van Bethlehem

Seungbo Roh

Amy Williams

Val Brinkerhoff

Daniel Coston

David Snellings

Walt Curlee

Mehran Mesbah

David Terrar

Andrew Durgin-Griffin 

Ron Kendall

Carrera Horton

Dennis Neal Vaughn

Kelly Sooter

Alex Corwin

Terry Kruse

Curtis Mothershed

Matthew Derezinski

Emily Boutilier

Bill Shelton