Art by Christopher Kennedy- LA vs NY

Christopher Kennedy, New York

To create the Photo Luminism technique, I have combined my loves of photography and colored illuminations with the effect of static light sources on a digital sensor in motion.

The complex images are created in a long exposure using meticulously staged illuminations while the camera and lens are manipulated to achieve the intended goal. Photo Luminism abstractions of ‘light unseen’ are created entirely in-camera in a single exposure with no creative post additions.

The challenge for me in creating this series was to result in something different; something fresh and alluring; to show how beautiful light can be and to capture the imagination, stimulating thought and conversation.

I believe that if art is to be bold, the statement it makes should be equally outspoken. To that end I print my images onto large sheets of lightly brushed aluminum, a medium whose inherent reflectivity enhances the images of light with an almost 3-dimensional luminosity. The dye sublimation process is utilized for exceptional color, brilliance and longevity.

Title: Passage 2 Medium: Digital. No post. Size: 96×43
Playful - shades
Title: Playful Medium: Digital. No post. Size: 60×33
Title: Sea Cucumber Medium: Digital. No post. Size: 60×40

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