Art by Adam Greener: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Adam Greener

In his large-scale loose-leafs, seemingly torn from the notebook of a distracted grade-schooler, Adam Greener explores the ways in which the youthful imagination processes the chaotic swirl of social and cultural imagery that seeks to shape, stimulate, and confine it all at once. As a kid, Adam spent most of every 56-minute class period doodling in his spiral-bound, visual wanderings that often landed him in detention, repeatedly writing “I will not…”

With this series of ink illustrations, created on handmade “notebook” sheets, he taps into his memories of his early visual preoccupations and re-presents them with a witty and subversive not-so-grown-up eye. In Greener’s vision, movie monsters cast an ominous shadow over a pop quiz; Star Wars characters intrude upon the passage of a love note: All of early experience — cognitive, social, emotional — is circumscribed, for better or worse, by our cultural iconography.

In May, Greener participated in Create:Fixate, a prestigious art organization that puts on group shows featuring 30 emerging artists from the Los Angeles area where he sold out and won BEST IN SHOW. In October 2013, Greener participated in Artworks for the Cure event and in December, The Kimball Art Center in Park City hosted Greener’s first solo show.

Title Heat & Matter Medium ink and prismacolor on museum board Size 32″x40″
Title Debbie Medium prismacolor on museum board Size 32″x40″
Title Artist Medium prismacolor on museum board Size 32″x40″