Art by Roger Ramirez: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Roger Ramirez

Im a self taught Artist blessed with the gift to paint my dreams and visions of spiritual interest real hard hitting questions and perspectives as a means to a solution. Humble the world; give a voice to the uninformed through Art. I was given this gift so that I would not forsake Gods gift of Life. Im 25 years old born and raised in LA County by Parents who are LA locals as well. I have been painting for 4 years showing my Art with other great Socal Artist. Recently in the past two years Iron working is now a part of my Art. Canvas & Iron an odd mix and yet go together effortlessly as if it was meant to be. I say this because I am currently Apprenticing as a Local 433 International Iron Worker of America so what I have be experiencing at work is my daily lessons for my Art Adventures as well. Fallen Brother is a Memorial painting to the International Union Iron Workers of America that have Died form Iron working and the Morn full brother Iron worker it is my most recent piece to my portfolio
This Piece I dedicate to our Fallen Brothers and more specifically Robert Carrasco How as we all may know was killed doing what he loved July 9 2014. It is bittersweet story for every person should wish to die doing what they love for that is the American dream. I would see this Art as a memorial as well a piece to raise awareness of the riggers of our trade to none members and for our members to think before you act, to react and not panice, to see something and say something for at the end of the day we all just want to go home and live our lives with our loved ones.
“The Source of Knowledge” is one of my most difficult and focused Art pieces. It is a vision in to the way of a warrior and his quest for knowledge of the Earth. This piece of mystery has 500 hours of labor and futures a custom Iron stand made just for this piece and is part of the Art. It enables the painting to spin; this painting is an anagram and has more perspectives than I can count on my fingers.
“Los Growlers”
My friends & I at Artifice a great Art gallery/venue in Las Vegas we road tripped out to watch The Growlers play what a badass set Costa Mesa show was out of this world.
My Goals to finish my house graduate the University of Iorn, then achieve a PHD in Archeology and masters in Art and Biology I have long way to go but the road is full of great blessings and I am thankful Jesus Christ has given me life to do as I will to help who ever is need and to travel doing my Art around the world.

Title Fallen Brother Medium Acrylic, Canvas & Iron Size 7’11″x8′
Title The Source of Knowledge Medium Acrylic, Canvas & Iron Size 4’x4’9′
Title Los Growlers Medium Acrylic, Canvas & Iron Size 3’x2′