Iryna Lialko-Barysheva: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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Iryna Lialko-Barysheva  

Was born in the Central Ukraine in 1981.
Graduated from high school and art school in 1996.

At 15 years of age went to the College of Arts, studied painting, graphic design, history of the fine arts, and other disciplines. Outstanding training and graphic talent resulted in a special grant to study art from the President of Ukraine.

At 19 years old, in 2000, went to the Ukrainian National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kiev until 2006. Studied in the graphics department. Studied various graphic techniques – such as etching, linocutting, lithography, tree engraving, silk-screen printing, and other graphic techniques. For four years studied the technology of manual book creation and book illustration; including binding and cutting. Studied oil, acrylic, water color, and other painting forms.

In 2004 in parallel with academic training, began working in the sphere of interior design and murals. Created murals in Ukraine, Europe.

First international art competition of exlibris was in Poland in 1993; awarded prizes for excellence.

In 1997, at 16, first participated in professional art exhibitions.

In 2005 began working as a professional photographer.

From 2010, until now is engaged in performance/show business. Creates live shows involving drawing with sand and speed painting. Creates hand crafted costumes for stage shows.

Has visited and performed in 30 countries, has participated in art exhibitions and competitions of painting and photography. While in these various countries, studied the culture and the traditions of these countries in order to increase knowledge and understanding, and enable more creative and diverse art.

Art works are located in the private collections of people from many countries.

Since 2014 is working and residing in the United States.

Is working in large and small graphic and picturesque forms, such as murals and exlibris. Excellent in creating digital graphics and using classical techniques. Constantly experimenting with innovative techniques.

Title Red tears flying up Medium Oil, canvas Size 160cmx 160cm
Title Metaphysics of Love Medium Ink, paper Size 55cm x65cm
Title Indigo meditation Medium Acrylic, paper Size 47cm x 67cm

Open call for art.