LÉNIÈME Jérémie Fougères-Landry: Anniversary Art Exhibit


Eyes and ears, visual artist, poet and compositor, Lénième breathes to create art. He was born in Baie-Comeau (Québec), between untouched nature and fierce sea. Growing where the climate regulates people’s habits and moods, he involved himself painting the strength of the elements. Through feelings, dreams and hallucinations, he expresses contrasts of life, emotions and thoughts. He waits for eclipses, never sleep before sunset and takes no rest hunting northern lights. He is trying to catch that unique moment, that very special glow, a second of calm before the sky twists, the wind dives into the river to push back its water on the mountain. He paints what can’t be explained to anyone when it happens.
Autodidact and multi-instrumentalist, he merged travels, sounds, feelings and experiments to build his own alchemy of shapes, colors and movement. Lénième paints like he composes music: he generates a huge chaos by mixing unexpected elements together so he can discover the melody hidden between the cacophony. He alternates brushes, knifes, wood stick and fingers while working and he uses magic potions and homemade recipes to enliven his canvas. He designed new tools to control paint, to provoke unique effects, to generate new colours and to modulate the drying time of his paintin¬gs.
An everyday traveller and passionate polyglot, Lénième speaks 5 languages. He lived in Spain and in Argentina, explored Brazil, Uruguay and some Caribbean Islands, hitchhiked across all North America and never calculates distance to reach artistic events, music concerts and recording sessions in every corner of Québec province.


Title La danse du cerf Medium Mixtes Size 24in X36in
Title À la dérive… Medium Mixtes Size 16in X 20in
Title Tempête tiède Medium Mixtes Size 48in X 48in
Title La colline en colère Medium Mixtes Size 20in X 16in