Angel Avila: Anniversary Art Exhibit


I began to do art at young ages. First, it was just a hobby or school assignment. Mostly, I was drawing portraits. It was my way of communicating with people when I did not speak good English.
My family, my friends, even people I have never met are playing great role in my art life. The feelings, emotions are very important in the process of creating art. We are all connected in our Universe and my way to connect is through art. Every detail counts. Because it reflects the inner soul of the person.

Title Nuestro Padre el Sol y la madre Tierra le dan vida a las Flores Medium acrylic Size 48/35 in
Title El nino del Son Medium drawing Size 18/48 in.
Title La linda Lea Medium drawing Size 18/48 in.
Title God knows the best Medium drawing Size 18/24 in