Trevon Tapp: Anniversary Art Exhibit


I am an undergraduate student at Utah State University in Logan UT. I am studying art education with a studio focus on printmaking.

I really enjoy the process of discovery and experimentation. That is why I want to be a teaching artist and I feel this also shows in my work. The work I do is nonrepresentational in nature and mixes many different printmaking techniques. Because of this art making driven focus the work is more about the process then it is the finished product. I put down layer after layer constantly responding to what I have in front of me. Many of the works are the products of a larger body of work whittled down until I have something I am satisfied with.

While much of the work revolves around this process of discovery I am interested in the experiences we all go through and they ways in which we react to those experiences as well as the restrictions we impose upon ourselves. If I were to pin down something my finished work is trying to express, beyond the ideas warped up in making it, this would by my intellectual starting point.


Title The Way We. 1 of 3 Medium Monotype and Relief Size 8″ x 5.5″
Title Push Back Medium Monotype and Calograph Size 9.5″ x 15.5″
Title Untitled Medium Monotype, Calograph, and Screenprinting Size 10″ x 10″
Title Untitled Medium Monotype, Calograph, and Screenprinting Size 27″ x 9″