Michael Chomick: Anniversary Art Exhibit

Being a figurative artist, my work over the past 27+ years has encompassed a variety of mediums, i.e.: printmaking, mixed media clay sculpture, small to mural-sized oil paintings, acrylic/bas-relief paintings, ink or graphite drawings, and mixed media constructions, all the while maintaining a strong focus on a singular theme – Exploration of the “Human Condition”.

This singular theme became apparent to me as I strived to develop my own artistic language and style from the beginning stages of my newfound career after an eleven year stint as a commercial artist.

The works themselves (for the most part) are statement driven in an attempt to shed some light on issues of major concern that have been relegated to the shadows and systematically ignored. On occasion I produce pieces with nothing more than a displayed sense of humor so as not to take myself too seriously.

Since the initial development of my art I had always been interested in the wonderment and discovery of what is the drive behind all human nature and the societies to which they live in.

The genesis of the works, often stem from a point of inquiry that I wish to convey tangibly for the viewer so that they may, if driven to, pose a dialogue within themselves. This internal dialogue may result towards their own personal advancement, and growth as an individual, in turn a better society.

The delving into the different media has not only kept it fresh for me, but also serves to point out the fact that life is not one-dimensional, but rather eclectic in manner.

Title doghouse Medium mixed media construction Size H63″xW32″xD32″
Title The Death of Innocence: A Child of Misfortune Medium mixed media construction Size H68″xW58″xD26″
Title Bob’s Annunciation: That his pants ain’t square but rather cool. man! Medium mixed media construction Size H60″xW32″xD32″
Title Itadakimasu: East Eats West Medium mixed media construction Size H28″xW18″xD10″