Sueim Koo: Anniversary Art Exhibit

I feel. And, I write what I feel.
Merely write when I feel :
I miss my high school friends who became mothers, but cannot be reached now.
My heart was beating by overhearing about my sister’s love affair on the hill.
I wanted to hug my exhausted shoulder caused by a beloved male teacher leaving.
I recalled my keenly cyan-green longings for the past.
My churning mind runs away into faint foggy air.
I wanted to hear my mother operating a sewing machine.
Garden Zinnia became bloody dark red due to a full moon.
Rain shower shake my turbulent heart.
I needed courage from a fear of life.

The utmost sincerity is feeling something exactly as it is.
Feeling is soul language. Soul language is feeling.
But, writing limits my soul language from deep inside.
A soul language that cannot be inspired by limited heart.
Now, I reveal these inspired feelings visually.
And I call those “soul essays”.
They are my visual essays.

Some reflected my deep spirit with heart beating ; others were recorded showing my broken heart with grief, and the excitement of longing.
That is, my images are not a mirror nor merely a form of artistic expression.
Rather, these images represent the consolation, inspiration and rediscovery of my past, present and future. These visual essays are all-encompassing portrayals of my state of mind and heart


Title There is only the desire to quickly and immediately go to you. Medium Mixed Media Size 24″ x 36″ (H x W)
Title Each of my moments is vanishing like yellow light fading away over the ridge. Medium Mixed Media Size 36″x36″ (H x W)
Title As the heartbroken daughter watched her mother’s face grow clearer as she continued to lose her memory, the daughter’s sad smile became deep seaweed-green. Medium Mixed Media Size 42″x36″ (H x W)
Title I wish that the goddess of fortune come you soon. Medium Mixed Media Size 24″ x 24″ (H x W)