Camille Lewinski – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with wildlife. I grew to really appreciate their beauty and the environment around them through trips to national parks such as Yellowstone as well as conservation areas where I could observe them in a natural state. Watching them interact with one another gave me a deep appreciation for them, this regard transferred over into my artwork. I wanted my work to have great meaning for me and wildlife is something that has always been a big part of my life. Portraying them in such a way that people can appreciate their beauty is important for me as an Artist because I want people to feel a connection to wildlife and think of the future of species as civilization progresses. I like to captivate the viewer by working with size and color. I find that by using soft pastels it creates such a richness in color that it engages the viewers attention. By working in large scale, the piece has a big impact in a room and on the viewer.

Currently I am working on a series that is focused on portraying endangered or vulnerable species. If nothing is done, many of these animals are likely to become extinct. With these portraits, I hope to remind the public of their natural beauty and that that their survival is still in flux. I have planned a second series where the main focus will be animals from North America. By representing wildlife it is my own personal exploration into understanding and analyzing a species that is part of a world that I care so deeply about.

Title:Elephant Medium:	Soft Pastel Size:	48"x36"
Title: Elephant
Medium: Soft Pastel
Size: 48″x36″
Title:Javan Rhino Medium:	Soft Pastel Size:	36"x48"
Title: Javan Rhino
Medium: Soft Pastel
Size: 36″x48″
Title:Grapefruit Medium:	Soft Pastel Size:	9"x9"
Title: Grapefruit
Medium: Soft Pastel
Size: 9″x9″
Title:Snow Leopard Medium:	Soft Pastel Size:	48"x72"
Title: Snow Leopard
Medium: Soft Pastel
Size: 48″x72″