Eugene Kuperman – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q4 Art Competition

Eugene Kuperman – Valley Village, CA

Eugene Kuperman was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1987 and now lives in Southern California. Since childhood, Eugene enjoyed drawing anything that inspired him. Eugene has been sketching since he was three years old and painting since he was seven. He has created over four hundred pieces and thousands of sketches. Eugene’s work is in many private collections including in a private collection of Robert Harris Rothschild who has many notable works in his collection by artists like: Rembrandt, Chagall, Dali, Ernst, Lichtenstein, and many more. An art catalog came out in 2012 featuring many of those artists as well as the work commissioned from Eugene. From 2010 to his passing in 2014, Eugene Kuperman studied with a renowned Russian artist Leonid Steele whose works are in many museums in the world, including pieces in the notable Tretakov Gallery in Russia. One of Leonid’s former teachers was a student of a famous Russian landscape painter: Isaac Levitan and another teacher he had, was a student of the famous Russian artist: Ilya Repin.

For Eugene, art is about inspiration. He has been exhibiting since 2006. In 2008, Eugene traveled for a study abroad trip to Paris, France to study the old masters from life at the Louvre. He was very much inspired by the Rubens room there as well as the two Michelangelo sculptures; Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave. Another piece that left an impression on Eugene was Theodore Gerricault’s The Raft of the Medusa. Since late 2014, early 2015, Eugene took a new direction in art. He took upon himself to create works of social commentary which to any extent educate, enlighten, and promote change in society. Eugene Kuperman is a listed artist and his work has been published in various art books, magazines, and newspapers.

Title:1915 Medium:	Oil Size:	30 x 40
Title: 1915
Medium: Oil
Size: 30 x 40
Title:Hollywood Walk of Fame Medium:	Oil Size:	36 x 24
Title: Hollywood Walk of Fame
Medium: Oil
Size: 36 x 24
Title:Hospital Parking Lot Medium:	Oil Size:	40 x 30
Title: Hospital Parking Lot
Medium: Oil
Size: 40 x 30
Title:Never Again Medium:	Oil Size:	30 x 40
Title: Never Again
Medium: Oil
Size: 30 x 40