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Tammy Liu-Haller – Greenville, NY

Tammy Liu-Haller wasn’t always an artist. In fact, for 15 years, she didn’t create any art at all. It just so happened that she created a family tree drawing as a gift and those gift recipients talked her into changing her life course. She soon opened up a business centered around custom, realistic, hand-drawn family trees and in the six years that followed, she sharpened her technical skills and built up her confidence. “I was creating these large, detailed drawings that contained everything from childhood homes, pets and classic cars to college mascots and favorite vacation spots. Every tree was different and they were usually the centerpiece of an anniversary party or holiday gathering so I had to get them just right! I couldn’t have asked for a better teaching tool”.

Eventually, her work expanded to include wildlife drawings, pet portraits and golf course commissions. “Even though trees brought me back to art, my love has always been with animals and that’s what I am currently focusing on. There is something about bringing an animal ‘to life’ on a piece of paper…conveying it’s beauty using nothing more than a pencil. I love the detail I can obtain.” Pet portraits make up a large percentage of her client orders and she often donates artwork to those organizations that rescue, conserve and protect both domestic and wild animals. “It is very important to me that I use this talent to do something bigger in the world. My hope is to continue doing that, but on a continually larger scale”.

She is a member of The International Guild of Realism and American Artists Professional League. Her work includes both private and commercial commissions, with pieces residing all over the world. “I wake up every single day excited to get to work. There’s ideas to develop, skills to improve upon and undiscovered ways that my art can help others. I couldn’t be more grateful of where I am, even if I took the roundabout way to get here”.

Cornelius Medium Graphite on Paper Size 22" x 30"
Graphite on Paper
22″ x 30″
Watchful Medium Graphite on Paper Size 30" x 40"
Graphite on Paper
30″ x 40″
Caught in the Breeze Medium Charcoal on Paper Size 30" x 22"
Caught in the Breeze
Charcoal on Paper
30″ x 22″
Where It Lies Medium Graphite on Paper Size 10" x 10"
Where It Lies
Graphite on Paper
10″ x 10″

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  1. Tammy! Your work is just stunning! I have always thought of you as an artist đź’– Truly inspiring to see your talent out there for the world to see!

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