More Money, Honey Medium Pen on hanji paper collaged with book pages Size 11" x 24.5

Featured Artist – Anne Feller

Featured Artist Anne Feller – Boulder, CO Instagram My artwork is the meeting point between individuality and human connection weaved together in a compilation of weighted eyebags, deep wrinkles, and naturals creases of the human body. With intention in each line stroke, I create vibrant movement layered upon layer, compiled into faces and form. Even […]Read Post ›

Title Mrs H Medium Acrylic on Board in Fine Art Custom Frame Size 20" x 34"

Featured Artist – Richard Holland

Featured Artist Richard Holland – Santa Monica, CA Instagram I am a Englishman and a Citizen living in America for nearly 25 years and my work is rooted here. I am a film production designer and an artist. When the film industry started to leave Los Angeles for better tax benefits elsewhere, I started to […]Read Post ›

Title Flux & Fluidia Medium Acrylic on Board Size 28"x22"

Featured Artist – Jay Raven

Featured Artist Jay Raven – Windsor, Canada Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Jay Raven is a self-taught visual artist, working and living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is an experienced painter, graphic illustrator and muralist, known for having a wild and distinctive style; utilizing a bold and animated aesthetic Jay explores how we interpret […]Read Post ›

Title Sunset over Bermuda Medium Oil on Canvas Size 24x18

Featured Artist – Maria Petrov – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Maria Petrov – Ontario, Canada Instagram Art came into my life late and sudden. One could say I simply stumbled upon it and couldn’t look back. I have no profession art education, nor an art background, yet I cannot stop creating and it is truly a vision of the world that I need […]Read Post ›

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 36

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Issue 36

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s Issue 36 is here! Featuring an eclectic group of art from 30 Artists. Our cover art is from Artist mafloku out of Tamaulipas, Mexico. … Enjoy! … TO THE MAGAZINE  

Title Faith Medium oil on panel with aluminum leaf Size 16x20

Featured Artist – Veronica Winters – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Veronica Winters – Naples, FL Instagram My figurative realism painting is a personal exploration of the interior life of women. We all have the public self and the private self, we often don’t reveal our inner life to others, and this is exactly what I paint. Painting is about revealing the truth the […]Read Post ›

Title Heal me Medium photography

Featured Artist – Carlos Bracho – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Carlos Bracho – Panama City, Panama Instagram Carlos Bracho, a self-taught fine art photographer who was born in Panama on August 26, 1989. As a child he was very interested in science and art, always enjoying the painting process and exploring what he could in his surroundings. He decides to study a college […]Read Post ›

Title Sentry Medium acrylic on canvas Size 24"x 24"

Featured Artist – Nicole Salgar – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Nicole Salgar – Coral Gables, FL Instagram Nicole Salgar is a painter and muralist of Latin descent. Growing up in Miami, she has always had a passion for , horror , sci-fi and Latin folk art. She believes it has undeniably influenced her style. Through artist residencies she has traveled to Cuba, Europe, […]Read Post ›

Title For Those That Came Before Medium Acrylic on Wood Size 24in x 10in.

Ursula Young – Artist Portfolio Magazine – Featured Artist

Featured Artist Ursula Young – Grass Valley, CA Instagram The first time I saw Ursula’s artwork was at an organic cafe in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It was the kind of place where as soon as you stepped inside all you could think about was the barrage of incredible smells […]Read Post ›

Title Sailor Medium Oil on canvas Size 100 x 81 cm

August Vilella – Featured Artist

Featured Artist August Vilella – Reus, Tarragona (Spain) Instagram   August Vilella is an artist based in Barcelona. His artworks have been exhibited around the world in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Taipei, Oxford, and Rotterdam. In 2016 he was the winner for The Best Artist at the Tokyo International Art […]Read Post ›