Title Spring Wishes Medium Acrylic Size 2cm X 1.62 inch

Jasmin Figueroa – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Jasmin Figueroa – Chattanooga, TN Jasmin Figueroa is a Puerto Rican artist born in Brooklyn, New York. Through social media, she often suprises people with mini portraits of their family at no cost to them. “I feel that everyone should own a piece of art that can be passed […]Read Post ›

Title StarGazer Medium Mixed Media Size 18x24

Jonathan Jaeger – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Jonathan Jaeger – Silver Spring, MD I started painting with sketch Guru and then taught myself everything there is to know about . Shortly after that I started experimenting with my painting and my photography. Art has always been one of my passions so I keep on […]Read Post ›

Title: The Chemist Medium: Photography Size: 16"x24"

Ulrike Scheuchl – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Ulrike Scheuchl – Laguna Beach, CA Instagram  Photographer Ulrike Scheuchl, born and raised in Austria, now lives in Laguna Beach, California. She creates a fun, calorie-free way to enjoy real cupcakes by revealing what these delectable confections are secretly up to when no one’s looking. Ulrike has […]Read Post ›

Title: eves garden Medium: digital/photography Size: 8.5x17

Matthew Derezinski – Photography Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Photography Competition Matthew Derezinski – Kirksville, MO This work incorporates layers of textural and organic imagery that draws upon my interest in decaying architecture, nature and the Mid-Western landscape in which I live. This imagery, rich in personally derived symbolism, is organized into mystical and mysterious landscapes. While the stories […]Read Post ›

Title: Visions Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 20"x30"

Jefferson Muncy – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Jefferson Muncy – Dallas, TX Instagram My work is about confronting the unknown. The things we can never fully comprehend, surrounding and permeating our everyday life. Creating this comparison between the cosmos and the human body gives context to the scope of what we cannot see. This […]Read Post ›