Title Where We Came From Medium Mixed Media Collage on Panel Size 18 x 24"

Holly Savas – Artist Portfolio Magazine – Features Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Featured Artist Holly Savas – San Francisco, CA Instagram Holly Savas is an artist whose work is driven by combining dissonant elements that exaggerate the visual contrasts she sees in the world around her. Creative journal Mud Season Review writes that Savas’ Containers series “engages with the tension created when modern, […]Read Post ›

Title Sailor Medium Oil on canvas Size 100 x 81 cm

August Vilella – Featured Artist

Featured Artist August Vilella – Reus, Tarragona (Spain) Instagram   August Vilella is an artist based in Barcelona. His artworks have been exhibited around the world in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Taipei, Oxford, and Rotterdam. In 2016 he was the winner for The Best Artist at the Tokyo International Art […]Read Post ›

Title Portrait Color Medium Acrylic painting + Digital Art Size 60x40cm

Juca Maximo – Featured Artist

Featured Artist Juca Maximo – Fortaleza, Brazil Instagram Plastic Artist, Art Director, Illustrator, Designer and Musician. His work consists of various techniques: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, engraving, ink, pencil, digital art, clay sculpture and digital sculpture. Known for his work in illustration and publicity, he has gained a great deal of notoriety in the […]Read Post ›

Title Western Dust - Mottled Horses Medium acrylic on canvas Size 30x24

Featured Artist – Iwona Jankowski

Artist Portfolio Magazine Iwona Jankowski – Magnolia, TX   I am an equine artist living and working in my home studio in Magnolia, Texas. My “Mottled Horses” – Equine/Western art developed since 2002-3 in my new “Mottled” style that merges abstract and expressionism with a touch of realism. The subject is created on a colorful […]Read Post ›

Title Castle Island Medium Photography Size 20 x 24

Janyl Stewart-Tremblay – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Jane Stewart-Tremblay – Penn Valley, CA Instagram I am art obsessed! Creating, recording, and seeking out beauty are a passion. As I travel, and I dream, I strive to express the beauty, color, and light that I discover in my adventures. I receive inspiration from nature and the landscapes […]Read Post ›

Title Randy's Donuts Medium acrylic Size 16" x 26"

Michael Ward – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Michael Ward – Costa Mesa, CA Instagram I began my artistic career doing pen and ink renderings of historical architecture. I began painting in 1980, first in gouache, then in acrylics. Artists whose work I admire and draw inspiration from include Edward Hopper, Charles Sheeler, Richard Estes and Vermeer. […]Read Post ›

Title Summertime Medium Abstract Mixed Media Size 20x28

Jonathan Jaeger – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Jonathan Jaeger – Silver Spring, MD Instagram

Title Landing Medium Photography Size 30cm x 40cm and 60cm x 80cm

Ilya Trofimenko – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Ilya Trofimenko – Dresden, Germany A self-taught award-winning visual artist specializing in fine-art photography. His artworks to date has been featured at various international venues in the USA and Europe. Ilya is fascinated by contrast between lights and shadows, attracted by color harmony and infatuated with film photography. Website: […]Read Post ›

Title Back Porch Door Medium mixed media Size 25x24x2.5

Patrick Dejuilio – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Patrick Dejuilio – Berwyn, IL Chicago-born artist Patrick DeJuilio depicts aged structures and utilitarian objects in his evocative, three-dimensional wall pieces. He adeptly combines architectural millwork and furniture manufacturing scraps, with found objects, plaster, and paint to create unique, representational snapshots in time. The mood of each project is […]Read Post ›

Title Cross Sections Medium Acrylic on Wood Size 2.5"x3.75"

Rosemary Read – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Rosemary Read – Petaluma, CA Instagram I am a 27 year old artist from Rhode Island, currently residing in northern California. I primarily create abstract paintings on up-cycled wood, driven by the beauty and intricacy of fluvial land forms, the ocean, and the powerful sense of movement in nature. […]Read Post ›