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Franck Sastre | Pontevedra, Spain

The painter Franck Sastre the color invades his mind and eyes when he picks up the palette and begins to mix his delusions of colors, to compose his new works that we present: La Dame des fleurs, Jean Michel Basquiat, Pas de folie, Broken black soul .

He continues to give a lot of personality to his way of painting trying to break the ways of expressing the drawing and the way of giving color. Searching within his creative instinct in painting that desire of any painter to create his own style.

A large painting exhibition called “1920s” has been presented to us in Stockholm and Madrid a month ago but with the originality that the painter Franck has shared his work with another painter Asun Glez doing both paintings. Some of his works will be exhibited at Art Basel Miami.

 Jean Michel Basquiat Medium Mixed Media Size 150cm x 100cm

Jean Michel Basquiat
Mixed Media
150cm x 100cm
 Pas de folie Medium Mixed Media Size 180cm x 100cm

Pas de folie
Mixed Media
180cm x 100cm
 Broken black soul Medium Mixed Media Size 180 cm x 100cm

Broken Black Soul
Mixed Media
180 cm x 100cm
 La Dame des fleurs Medium Mixed Media Size 150cm x 90cm

La Dame des fleurs
Mixed Media
150cm x 90cm