Art by Faustine Badrichani: International Art Exhibit

Artist Portfolio Magazine International Art Exhibit Faustine Badrichani Creation is my instinctive response to milestones in life. Each technique incorporated is a spontaneous echo to real life events. My work should be understood as a constant discussion about change: of body, mind and soul. As a child, I grew up acclimating to various situations, thus […]Read Post ›

Artwork by Skye Schirmer: National Art Exhibit (USA)

Artist Portfolio Magazine National Art Exhibit Skye Schirmer The rapidly expanding ways to capture, share, like, and reblog not only our own moments and experiences but complete strangers as well, have created infinite ways to prove ourselves interesting and tangible. As an artist, but also as a woman, I aim to relay challenges faced by […]Read Post ›

Jennifer Bilek: LA vs NY 2014

For our 2014 LA vs NY Exhibit Call for Art Jennifer Bilek Jennifer Bilek is a contemporary American portrait artist. Born and raised in New York City, Jennifer has honed her skills as a painter for over 35 years. She has mastered the magic of creating intense, colorful, and passionate portraits that capture the mystery […]Read Post ›

Art by Monika Szynkielewska from London, UK

For our International Segment. Art by Monika Szynkielewska.

Art by Stephanie Karamitsos, Chicago

For our SF vs Chicago segment. Art by Stephanie Karamitsos.